Sunday, 26 May 2013

Don't Starve with Willow 04

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I wake up lying in a new place. Has someone been drugging me? This land has a section full of dead grass with over half a dozen spider dens in the distance. I best stay here near the water and make some war gear to fight my way through. Where am I?

I am Fucked Land

 Strolling alone with the sea has been nearly death-inducing. This island is full of evils and weird fish-mermen. Tentacles pop out of the ground randomly. I've been running like hell ever since. NO THANKS.

Another night in another world. I cook carrots and spider glands to restore my strength. Spending half of the day running from giant monsters really build an appetite. I don't know if I'll ever get out here. I have to keep killing arachnids. Someday I will return home. I must!

Turns out my death awaits me. Good night, stupid deadly swamps. Piggerton will never have its city built. I will never see the sun again. The spiders rush towards my corpse as sight fades away...


What the? I'm back at the door! OH dear. I best get back to town, and quickly! It looks like time has frozen while I was away. I thought for sure I was dead.

I return back home. It's almost nice to watch out for creatures under the stars again. I have no idea where I am or if I'll ever see my friends and family again. This place isn't so bad once you have a weapon.
The tenth day has consisted of following the cobblestone road back past where I woke up. What is on the other end of the road? I have enough wood to set up camp out here for the night. Hopefully no one sends the hounds after me... Who was it?


Another body lies not far off the path. This one may have been wealthy because of the SICK ASS cane stuck in the ground. I feel mighty! I feel like a speed demon! I'm running similar to the rabbits here. I may be losing it.

Quick! Grab the loot!

I find  a few pig houses by the local river. I shall camp here tonight and continue in the morning. Spiders everywhere...


That's all for this week! I'm going to aim for a weekly Monday update for this series and likely future series as well. I would like to try out writing about other games, so I will try out a one-shot of certain games and see how they go. Thank you very much for reading and share the blog!

Game by Klei Entertainment. If you're interested in playing the game for yourself, click here!

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