Friday, 3 May 2013

Don't Starve with Willow 01

By Cody Gillespie
My adventures in the world of "Don't Starve!" have always been cut short. Fate is met either by spider bites, food poisoning or freezing to death. This tale will be one of great struggle, but perhaps a story of triumph over the elements. Willow will be the victim/hero of my tale, and I wish her the best. Let us begin with a full belly.

An oily voice greets my dreams. "Say pal, you don't look so good. You better find something to eat before night comes!". I don't know who said it upon my wakening, but I do know that I'm now stranded and was possibly drugged as well. I best go search for the nearest restaurant and police station. Who leaves a sweet, innocent girl in the middle of nowhere?

A crow flies over my position and leaves a present where it sat. In its wake was a warm handful of seeds. Did my character sift through a pile of bird poop to acquire these? Willow better give these a good wash before she eats them later, unless I get desperate in a blink. Not even a day away from cilvilization and I'm already contemplating eating fresh bird poop.

I make my way through a savannah to get an idea of my surroundings and find....Jackalopes? That doesn't sound right, but I see the myth before my eyes! I should cook one over a fire and taste it to make sure it's truely a jackalope. I make use of a collection of grass and twigs to piece together a trap, and berries from an innocent bush. The juicy snack I hold is the only source of food I have, but using it as bait could be well worth the risk.

I return to the trap an hour later. I quickly grab the jackalope from underneath and twist its neck as quickly as possible, with closed eyes. Wasn't easy, but it didn't scream. I'll have something filling in my stomach tonight because of what I've done today. This happens to any one who eats Willow's food and tries to get away with it!

A cobblestone road lies ahead of me in the field. Perhaps I will find someone if I'm fortunate! The only matter is which way to go....I better try heading east toward the waters.

Today has been largely spent gathering materials and killing innocent fluffy deer bunnies. I finally found some flint and made my self a rather workable axe. Down with trees! Markings of human existence have been left by the fresh stumps of the old forest. Animals refuse to come near me, and this axe I'm waving about proudly. Made it myself! Amazing what you can do with so little.

Just before dusk, I noticed something grave. It was the skeletal remains of what appeared to be a gold miner just laying about on the ground. His personal belongings were scattered everywhere, and it appeared he's been here for ages. This land is a cruel, harsh place, and I have to find my escape. It would be best to stay with the road and figure out what to do next.

Not even a kilometre down the path, I find a house in the middle of nowhere. The lights went off as I approached it, and no one will answer the door. This person may not be good with strangers, but he's got a well tended berry garden! Maybe I'll just pick a couple or dozen...

Turns out that I stumbled onto a village! No one else will come out, though I did however notice a..head.....on a spike. Hm. I don't know if I should stay here. The head isn't human, but looks to have come from a lagoon. Odd.

Night has now fallen, and it's time to get my fire going. I will have to stay in the village for the night and cook my dinner. I don't know if these people will be very friendly, so I best keep the fire going as long as I can stay awake... I wish I knew how to make a sleeping bag.

I can't see anything out beyond the campsite. All my senses are picking up are the grunts and snorks of the village people. Heavy snoring must be a curse here, because every house seems to have crude behaviour.
Wait. Did you hear that?

 Something must be out there in the darkness. I can't see it, but I don't dare go out there to investigate.
Suddenly, the figure approaches! A giant spider comes toward me, but the flaming light burns its vision and runs back into the bushes. GOOD GOD! This place has giant spiders roaming around here?! How am I going to make it? I better find some bug dope, and FAST. Oh no. I can hear it scream at me from a distance. You won't trick me into chasing you, spider! Wait until morning, and you'll be tasting AXE!

I wrote and drew this. Everything within the screenshots and the story is based off Klei Entertainment's Don't Starve. If you like the premise of the game, you can learn more about it here:

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